Blazing-fast native app-like experience within a browser

We wrote about Progressive Web Application vs. native app development for a more general overview of the benefits of every. Hint on PWAs are cool for many cases, blazing fast Native is a superb cross platform choice that compiles to native code, and if you're building an app that relies on all the sensors and wishes to be super small and optimal, native code is that the thanks to go (though you'll combine it with React Native UI) all thanks to php programing.

Apps should be installed and sit on the house screen

When a user lands on the online page, they ought to remember that there’s a choice to add the app to their device’s home screen. Android provides how for web developers to “install” the app for the user in order that the experience is seamless. Unfortunately, iOS still doesn’t provide this feature but it supports PWAs and users can add the app to the house screen with some manual work. If we detect that a user is accessing the app from mobile, we display instructions for adding the app to their device home screen.

Hide the online browser’s UI, like URL and standing bar

Web manifest specifies display property where you'll control the browser UI. There are a couple of options available: full screen, standalone, minimal-up and browser.

Status bar

Having different color of the app background from the status bar won't be the foremost visually appealing option. There are a couple of options here - choose the one you would like (black, black-translucent and default).

Add splash screen

This is super important because it'll completely change the experience of the app. When mobile OS starts your app it must initialize web renderer which takes a while and user can experience screen flashing. This is often where splash screen image comes in to cover the loading within the background and let the user directly into the app experience. Android has inbuilt mechanism to get the splash screen, but iOS requires all the resolutions (portrait and landscape for all the various form factors your app would run on)